So I need to practice reading sheet music / learn jazz really bad for an audition coming up and I want to use bass guitar books to learn it

I am going to get this for sight reading,

but what should i get for jazz bass? Any recommendations? Also, are there any other good books I should get?
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Unfortunatley for you, there is no quick way to learn jazz, however I would recommend Jim Snidero's "Conceptual Bass Lines" booklet for starters, and then upgrade to a fake book once you get the hang of reading chord changes.

The concept bass line book includes both a written out section (for sight reading, most of the reading is walking based passages) and a chord sheet, and includes an accompanying CD which is suprisngly nice to place along with. good investment, was forced to get it for my district jazz try-outs
I just got two bass books in the mail today, 101 Bass Tips by Gary Willis and Bass Fitness by Josquin Des Pres, I've flipped through the fitness one and it looks like a lot of dexterity training, could probably improve my playing style if I keep to the exercises. I'm currently reading the bass tips right now page-by-page, I'm on page 12 of 76 and I've learned a few good-to-know things already.
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There are no really "learn jazz in 7 days" methods. Like Trabo says, its something that takes time and some concerted practice and effort. However, if you're up for it some good books/DVD are:

Complete Jazz Bass Book by Earl Gately. I like this book because it fits a ton of stuff into one nice neat package.

The Walking bass line DVDs by Todd Johnson. I've only seen the first one, but it seems very solid.

Patterns for Jazz (Bass Clef Instrument)

(Now none of these are really "beginner" books, btw.)

That should get you started. And get a Real book Bass Clef edition.