So we just bought a new Peavey PA System for $750 from some guy we knew, it was worth around $1200. 1200watt PA with speakers. Our microphone we were testing it with was a Nady that we got in a 3-pack for $25 and it was plugged in using XLR (in the mic itself) to 1/4" in the PA, that was about 10 feet. We could get it pretty loud, but not loud enough. Also we had a lot of buzzing and feedback. Acoustic guitars and clean electrics could get pretty loud to, but with too much volume become muddy sounding or buzzing/feedback. I don't care as much about the guitar, we have separate amps for that. I just want to know what we should do to improve the microphone volume and decrease buzzing/feedback. Obviously I figure we should go ahead and get a better mic and a long XLR only cord (Probably the Shure SM58). Any other suggestions for this, like preamps or feedback compressors (keep in mind, we don't want to spend too much more).

P.S. Also can we put a 15 watt guitar amp through to the PA (with distortion).
If you spent $25 to get 3 mics, I think it's pretty obvious your main problem there is the mic. Try it with a decent quality mic, and if you still have problems then ask for help.
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I agree with DisarmGoliath. With microphones, you get what you pay for. You buy a $100 and it's going to be 10x better than a $10 mic, if not more. With the exception of SM58s and 57s. You can't really go wrong there.
I find really horrible mics have no sensitivity to them, and are really quiet.
So it would probably explain that.

Is there a mixer with your PA system?
If so, is it a powered mixer?
If you don't have a mixer, are the PA speakers powered?

Also, yes you can put the 15 watt through it.
If the amp has a line-out on it you can plug it directly into the mixer/speaker.
It will sound thin and digital using the line-out though,
the best way to do it tone-wise would be to mic it (preferably with an sm57.)
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