This is the first song that i have written, so please constructive criticism only...
im not exactly sure what kind of music this is gonna go with, im thinkin of a 3DG-based style, but any suggestions would b a lot of help

pls dnt steal this if you like it... thnks

Falling Away
I was here for you
I let you close
I trusted you.
It was my fault,
I was at,
The edge,
Life’s unstable edge.

You took a chance,
You pushed, and I fell.
Now I’m falling,
Falling away, from you.

I loved you
I took care of you,
Took you for granted.
Why did you,
Have to do that,
Go on and push me.

If you only knew
How much I cared,
How much I cared bout you.
You were my world
You were my life,

But you pushed and I fell
Now I’m falling,
Falling away, from you

It was my fault,
For standing at the edge.
Life’s unstable edge.
I did everything that I could,
And I would do more,

But I’m falling away,
Falling away, I’m falling,
Falling away…
Now you’re alone,
All because you pushed me
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