Ok I think this is the place to put this.
So anyone out there have Acid Pro 7?
I was wondering if you can make drum tracks in it and import them into your songs.
Does it export into MP3's?
Tell me the basic's, I currently use Audacity don't know how big of a change it will be.
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I think Scid might require a special plugin to export mp3, I know it used to, you can get around this by exporting as wav and converting to mp3 in Audacity.

You'd be better off just making your songs in Acid pro, since it's now a fully functional DAW and much better than Audacity.
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why do none of my loops make noise?
how do i put loops into my tracks?
how do i put synth into my tracks?
Jackson RR3 - BKP Painkiller/Warpig
Bugera 333XL 212
Pod Studio UX1
MXR Smart Gate
Hardwire CM-2
read the readme file. i use acid 6 right now and i found it pretty user friendly. i prefer doing all my synth in FL though. check the riffs and recording forum theres a lot of knowledgeable people in there. as for making drum loops i recommend either downloading/buying a loop dvd or using a good drum synth, again check the riffs/recording for suggestions on those

yes you can export as mp3
really acid pro is probably one of the easier programs to use. Only problem is its just loop based creation, and youll need another program like fruity loops to program your own beats.
^ well it has a midi editor. but you'll need some kind of midi based drum vst to use it in acid and personally i find FL to be more user friendly in the midi editing dept. although in technicality, if you have 3rd party plugins you can do exactly the same in either program.
Lol just finished recording an original on it, then came to check out UG and found this. As far as my knowledge goes you can't record off of your computer, but if you have a drum track on a pedal like the ZOOM G2.1u, you could use that drum track. To turn a recording into an .mp3 file hit file then select Render As... and look in the folder for your masterpiece, then double click it, and choose a place for it to save that you will remember, then do whatever you want with it.
Hope that this helped lol .
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^ don't listen to this. you CAN record off of your computer (all the drums on my song "the day god was born" were done exclusively on my desktop with a vst) but you need a drum synth or vst of some form. in the riffs and recordings forum is a good listing of vst drums both free and .... well.... not so free.