I have a fender, 25w solid state amp. Its hugely loud so I want to run it out of a 4x12, 8ohm cab. The amp has a 8 ohm output line. IS THIS OK??? Also, I want to run my other amp, another fender, 5w tube, out of the same cab. Is this ok too?

I understand how to play, just not how to set up anything other than eqs and pedals.

Quick respone would be great!

It wouldn't really be much louder than just playing the fender by itself.
How many ohms are the fenders?
If they're both 8 then you can plug 'em into the cab.
If they aren't then don't try it.

Oh.. and you want to be plugging the fender into the INPUT on the cab,
not the OUTPUT
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So long as the resistance of the amp and the cab match, it'll be fine.

That is the word I'm looking for right? Resistance? Either way you probably know what I mean.