I have a ESP EC-500 and i was looking at getting a Line 6 spider lll 75 watt. I am looking to play ac/dc, metallica, and more 80's hard rock stuff. I was wondering if this would be a amp that would satisfy my needs?
If you only ever want to practise in your room, at quiet volumes - well, I guess there are more expensive amps you could blow cash on so at least you're saving some money. If you ever intend to gig with it, however, I strongly advise you buy a decent amp. A Roland Cube 60 would be a much better choice, and I believe it's also cheaper.
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I second the Cube 60 motion.
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Maybe a Peavey Vypr as well. Those do metal pretty well, and you can get a good 80s metal (Iron Maiden, Metallica) tone out of it.
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