All of my solos sound the same, and it's really begining to frustrate me,so I thought I'd post a sample recording. Most of my stock licks are present, and I just can't break out of these riffs, and into the world of amazing solos. The teachers and other guitar players around here just say "Sounds good, or you have some good ideas" and keep working at it. Thats all fine and dandy, but I'm tired of trial and error, and would love to have some steadfast suggestions for what I could to do improve. Thanks for your time.

Mp3 is on my profile. http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Shallon+Dark/

Edit: Soon as I find the CD, I will post a solo from my high school Jazz Band. It's much more melodic, although you'll hear the same licks.
That's how I sounded before I broke out of the box shapes. It sounds like you're just running scales basically. If you learn to play all over the fretboard and single strings that will open up your options. Also, learn different fingerings for each position, that helped me. String skipping always sounds interesting too. Work on those bends too. Just my opinion. Hope I helped a little.
My recommendation is to listen to some other music (I use B.B. King frequently) and just solo along with it. If you hear a lick you like, try to copy it and integrate it to your own style.
Learn notes through out the ENTIRE fretboard and stop playing pentatonic things. get outside of blues to be honest blues has the same licks and the same style. try learning some metal or just get better technique because applying all my basics changed my stuff.
Yeah, I do tend to stay in the pentatonic. I just uploaded one, that I believe is much improved. I tried to incorporate a few of the suggestions, although I still stuck with pentatonic, although I threw a 6th in occasionally. The title mentions a Johnny B. Goode, backing track.
Mate, You need to extend the pentatonic scale around the fretboard. Try playing the scale you know an octave above or below, and look up the different shapes of the pentatonic scale when it is extended.

Also, Learn your modes! look it up on the net. Seriously, that will get you flying ahead.

You have potential, once you break out of this rut
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My biggest problem, is I know the modes/patterns. I just can not find a decent lesson that explains how to apply them. I've spent a good 4-6 months learning the patterns, I just can't figure out how to analyze the music to know which mode is appropriate to play. Any links would be awesome. I can build them, on the guitar and on paper, but I don't really understand when to use them.

IE Modes based on C Major Scale

Ionian: C D E F G A B C
Dorian: D E F G A B C D
Phyrgian: E F G A B C D E
Lydian: F G A B C D E F
Mixolydian: G A B C D E F G
Aeolian: A B C D E F G A
Locrian: B C D E F G A B

Chords in Key of C
C Dm7 Em7 FM7 G7 Am7 Bdim

What I don't understand is where do I go from here. My recent understanding is that you have to rebuild all of the chords from the mode. IE C Lydian would use the chords

CM7 D7 Em7 Fdim G Am7 Bm7 (Same chords as G Major reorganized?

So by combining these chords into a progression with the

C Lydian scale (G Major just reorganized)
C D E F# G A B C

turn into improvising in Lydian, with the "Lydian feel"?

Re posted this question in the theory thread. Thanks for all the help, and tips guys!
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