Alright, right now I have my ISP decimator connected in loop with my bugera half stack and it works great. Now I want to add my pod xt live. ACcording to my other post, someone said I should put pod xt live in front of the decimator. Now, how do I connect this? Can someone please go through the connections from giutar all the way to the bugera? thanks
depending on what your useing the pod for you might not want it in your loop.
if your useing it for your distortion put it straight though the amp input.
if your useing it for the modulation/delay fx then put it in the loop.

anyway. in front of the isp decimotor would be your best bet. just connect it befor the isp. so guitar > amp. then for the loop, loop send > pod > isp > loop return
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ok but when do the send and receive come into play?

thats just the lables for your Fx loop. send- sends the signal to the pedals, return- takes the sent signal and puts it back to the amps fx loop.
thanks for the help. The setup worked,

but when I use delay or mod on the pod xt, the sound kind of fades in and out. with delay, its not too bad, the fade in and out still happens but happens faster (but still noticeable) but its really noticeable on using any kind of mod. what culd be the problem?