This is really a frustrating problem and I can never get it fixed.
When I record on the multitrack mode, the tracks would NOT synchronize.
I am pretty darn sure its not my playing...but yeah
This is how I do it, pretty simple:
1) I play and record track 1 (usually the rhythm)
2) I play and record track 2 while listening to track 1
(of course the record button on track 1 is turned of when I'm recording track 2)
but this NEVER works!!! and the weird thing is,
at the beginning its ALWAYS okay but it will gradually become apart
(meaning at the beginning its synchronized but slowly it gets unsynchronized)
at first I thought it is because I recorded with my laptop build-in mic
but it still won't work even when I plugged my instrument directly into the laptop!
is it because of my laptop hardware?? or am I doing something wrong???
Don't know if anybody has the same problem??
You're recording with your stock soundcard. This isn't made for recording, and thus you're experiencing latency. You need to buy an audio interface to combat this.
There is poetry in despair.
lmao i knew it...
its cuz of my crap laptop
i totally should buy a mac next time...
but thank you VERY much for the help