for picking when i do fast down picking and pretty much all my other songs i do it like parallel to the strings
but when i do liek alt picking like in 2 octave scales i have it at a 45ish angle

should i which that to parallel or just keep it that way?

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You get different sounds when changing pick-angle. The closer you are to a 90 degree the harsher or scratchier the sounds.

It's a lot more noticeable when palm muting.

So do what you want.
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45 (or better still slightly less than 45) degrees will reduce force required to propel the pick across the string (it encounters lees resistance from the string compared to perpendicular attack). It also reduces risk that the pick will "dig in" under the string should it be held such that the pick's point slightly leads the base of the pick in the attack.
Angled attack will also result in a tone having fewer higher partials (harmonics) than the perpendicular attack (i.e. is is mellower).
In general, angled is the better bet unless you require the tone of the other attack.
Have fun.
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