This was delivered to me yesterday but I didn't get a chance to really play it until this evening. I bought this Buckshot model guitar from Reverend and it's a dream machine. The range of tones I can get from this thing is amazing.

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reverends are soo sweet my local shop just started carrying them i was a bit skeptical but damn the one's i played kicked @ss
Congrats, that's a beautiful guitar.
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Thank you. I agree that it is quite lovely. It's got a nice weight to it. Thick enough for rich resonant sustain and light enough to not kill the ole' spine. Actually a bit heavier than I expected but my point of reference, the Melody Maker, is a very light guitar.

Roast Beef, I also really like the sunburst finish on the other Buckshot with the rosewood fretboard but the deciding factor for me was the maple fretboard. I already have a short scale guitar with rosewood in the Melody Maker so I wanted the maple and all of Reverend's bolt-on series guitars are long scale. I have two guitars now, each with very different tonal capabilities and personalities.