Ok I think this is the place to put this.
So anyone out there have Acid Pro 7?
I was wondering if you can make drum tracks in it and import them into your songs.
Does it export into MP3's?
Tell me the basic's, I currently use Audacity don't know how big of a change it will be.
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The basics are as follows dont buy Acid Pro 7 .. instead use mackie tracketon its a lot easier to use and has the same functionality. However its nowhere similar to audacity.. but it can export mp3. I used to use acid pro 5 which i beleive is free now... but i dont recall making mp3 with it.
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To make drum tracks, hit the "Enable MIDI editing" button. To save a file as aan MP3, first save it as a regular ACID Pro file, then hit "File", "Render As", select MP3 and hit enter.

I think you can have a total of 14 tracks at once, more than you'll ever need. get a proper mic and sound card, and the sound quality will be excellent. ACID Pro is a great recording software as long as you take your time with it. A lot of people say it sucks, but they are usually the ones that didn't want to learn how to use it.

One of the main complaints is that you can't make an MP3 file; however it is very easy to make an MP3 file if you use the steps I mentioned earlier.

Another complaint is that it's hard to use. I don't get this one. It couldn't get any simpler. There isn't anything you CAN'T do easily using the Help Index.
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