my guitarist in my band wants to upgrade his amp so i was thinking of different possible bass half stacks in a good range. I was curious, our school has a peavy and it sounds good, are they reliable enough, or do they sound good? because i never hear anybody talk about them.

also how is the fender bassman series? i've yet to see one in our GC near by, i was thinking of checking into a 2x10 speakered one with 200 some-odd watts or so. I never hear anybody talk about fender amps either...is there like a terrible evil secret about them or somethin?
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I've never used the bassman, but Peavey amps have a reputation for being indestructible and the ones I've used are in line with that. They sound good too, for the most part.
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some fender amps don't have a great reputation. others are good. I don't personally know which ones. the other users will have more information on that.

I play through a peavey right now actually...always have except for my first amp. A crate 15watter. it sounded like crap but it's still alive so i gotta give it reliability. I've owned a 60watt peavey, a 130watt peavey(which blew something in the preamp but it was my own stupidity hooking things up wrong trying to daisy chain the 60 watt into the 130watt) and now I play through a peavey vb-2 225watt tube amp. I love the peavey tone. Great for rock and metal and as far as i've known they can be eq'd to do jazz and blues if you know what you're doing. Also have the ability for brighter tones but i don't tend to use them too much. When i was looking for a good high power amp i played through many different brands. and even a couple tube amps. The peavey sounded best and has plenty enough power. Obviously the vb-2 is probably out of your price range and it isn't for everybody, being a tube amp. What I mean to say is that if you play a peavey and like the sound get it, because it will last a lifetime.

On another note. A 2x10 combo won't have much bottom end. If you did get it and maybe add a 1x15 to it then it would cover the spectrum pretty well. or maybe a 1x12 or 2x12. depends on your tastes in tone. If you give us a price range and maybe a tonal preference others will be able to help more.
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^ It's the Rumble series that's got the bad rap, the Bassman stuff seems pretty solid...I haven't read enough about it/played through it enough to really form an opinion though.

And I agree, Peavey stuff will literally last a lifetime if you take even half-decent care of it. That's one of the benefits of being a private company...there's no stockholders wanting their cut, so those millions can be put into other things, like the product.
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I love the Bassman 250/210. I was going to pick-one up, but then I destroyed my car...

It's loud and it sounds great.
I have a fender 2/10 bassman 250w and its defiantly a solid bass amp, plus i got it new for like 560 Canadian at a local shops fender sale so that sweetened the deal. Doesn't have the best low end but that doesn't bother me if I really wanted the low end I would have bought the 1x15. My buddy of mine has had a peavey 1x15 combo 200watt amp which is a tank even more soo then my bassman its tone is pretty sweet to great low end and pretty good highs.
So what, you want to recommed him a bass amp?
So get him to buy the Bassman, all the sweet blues guitarists do it.
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hmm, this is very informitive, whats the difference in speaker size/number. does the bigger the speaker mean more bottom ends?

our school peavey has lasted more than a few nasty spills and still rolls on.
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15/18" have better bottom end.

10/12" have better high end.

oh, ok, thank you (:
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my school has a Peavey TNT 115 Combo and that thing is ****ing great. 10 band EQ, an option to switch the amp for passive/active pickups, and it's pretty ****en loud.
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