how in the world do I know what is what???

I'm checking out some sites on how to identify. But do any of you know a really good site with pictures?

Some are so small, I couldn't read writing on them even if there was.
what parts do you need identified? Just google, "capacitor," "resistor" "op-amp" "diode" and the likes, and you should be able to figure it out. You can also find tables explaining the stripes on the resistors and numbering on capacitors and all that. When I started my TS-809, I was a touch frightened by that, myself.
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Well, I'm going to lay it out once I get home and try to figure it out.

I bought everything on kurtlives's ds-1 mod build. So plenty of stuff. Obviously the switches and leds are easy. Some of the other things are marked somewhat but some aren't. I'll have to decode them tonight via the bands and colors.
Here's a little description index for ya:
Resistor - Tan or light-blue peanut-shaped thing with four or five colored bands on it. Leads always come out of either side.
Electrolytic capacitor - A "can" with a shiny top, wrapped in a black hard material, two leads come out the bottom usually, but sometimes out of either side.
Ceramic disc capacitor - a "faded" orange circular thing with two leads coming out of the bottom. It is not shiny
Film capacitor - Either a rectangular box with two leads coming out of the bottom, or a smooth, shiny blob (often green) with two leads coming out of the bottom.
Op-amp - A black square chip with eight flat leads, four per side.
Diode - Usually either a small black cylinder with a gray band on one side, one lead coming out of each side, or a tiny glass-looking thing with one lead coming out of each side.

There might be more, Google is your friend.
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