I was hoping I could get some guidance on this project telecaster I have in mind.
My main concern is the pup's i'd like to use and whether or not they'd be a good match.
I want to put a Seymour Duncan P-rails in the neck position and a Rio Grande "twangbucker" in the bridge.
The P-rails is a blade-style single coil coupled with a mini p-90 type single coil. Evidently it gets three posible tones - humbucker, single coil and p-90


the Rio Grande twangbucker is a humbucker that is angled. Obviously, I would want to be able to split it to get the single coil sound. Evidently, this pup is designed unlike other humbuckers - most of which sound not-to-good when tapped to get a single coil sound. This one is designed to sound like a honest to goodness single coil when tapped - and a semi-decent humbucker when it is not.


This would offer a total of eleven different pu combo's in one guitar. Let me know what you think!
Sounds sweet man! I say go for it, and post alot of pictures.
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