Im looking for an acoustic or acoustic-electric with a cutaway for $200 or less, i know it isn't much, but that's all i can spend, i've looked at a few,

I found three; the ibanez Talman TCY10, the ibanez V70CE and the Epiphone AJ-100CE

im going to buy a guitar in 2 weeks, so i need some advice!!!
i like to play alot of different stuff, but more rock than anything else, my dad already owns an electric guitar and so i want an acoustic or acoustic-electric
There was a thread exactly like this yesterday. Seriously, two of the exact same guitars. Go look at the suggestions in there.

If you're too lazy, then I'll say this: save up another $100 and get the Takamine G340SC. Solid spruce top, dreadnaught body, and a cutaway for $300. It's a great deal. Takamine acoustics are very solid guitars.
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The epiphone without a doubt. Th Ibanez acoustic guitars have quality control issues.

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