Well i bought one of these second hand for $200 aus with the intention of modding it it has a really really muddy tone and i opened up the control cavity and it appears to have been modded, rather crappily too. Does anyone have the original Diagram for the Washburn XB125? So if it has been modded i can return it to its original state. Pics below.

^^how it was^^

^the board^^

Note: Solder scratched off between connections that shouldn't have been made. Ie, possibly crappy solder job?

the whole deal
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the stock washburn active's, Neck pickup says 943 bridge bridge one says 941 whether or not they are the model of pick up i dunno. But the push pull pot really really boosts the volume, and the muddyness when down, Turning it has almost no tonal effect in either position.
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Quote by guitarcam123
why do you wanna make it its original state? Can't you do something custom with it?

It sounds like the epitome of ****, it has no definition to the sound at all. I want to start from scratch because this particular bass is apparently rather a tonally diverse bass when straight from the factory (which this isn't). I was planning to swap the pickups out but all my money has gone to my upcoming bass build with which i still need to buy pickups bridge and a fretboard.

The only reason i want to go back to factory is I need a backup for my practical HSC examinations because i don't want to get caught out with anything as 2/4 of my pieces require a 5 string and this is my only other one.
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is that PCB supposed to be stock or does it have no active EQ and actual active pickups?
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Why not buy a new active preamp for it? If the current one is poor, replace it. Or maybe go back to passive?

You can pick up a decent, cheap preamp like an Artec or look around on eBay for a Bartolini/EMG/JRetro/Seymour Duncan.

PS - It has passive pickups but an active EQ.

Haha I just bought one of these and inside is identical right down to the plastic bag and the gold tie covering the circuit board!
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