Ok, as most if not all of you know im still very new to the guitar but i have 3 questions i need to ask someone lol

1. when im playing like sum 41's peices (learning it now) when i play it its like the notes i play sound longer then theirs when i listen to the song. when they play it they hit the note and then bam its done sounding and they are into a new one. mainly i am talking about the intro where its chorded like Dm Bbsus2 F5 and C/E. so is there something im doing wrong???? im at a lost

2. also palm muting, i know most of u will probably say just practice it, But my palm mutes suck i can hardly do it when i try lol. witch is weird because in paper is sounds almost too easy to be true.

3. now i love solos, i think they are extremely fun to play/listen to... and iv heard so many its weird but i want to know how you guys/girls really make your guitar scream and come to life.
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are you on distortion?.. probably the distortion is too hard, try to make it a little bit softer.

are you wearing your guitar too low? makes it difficult. maybe you dont PM all the strings so one strings just rings? dunno what went wrong on that one, but practice, yeah.

i think you're talking about pinch harmonics. check youtube to see what i'm talking about and if that's it, than check the lessons on UG it's not THAT hard, but it most certanly is the hardest of all these 3. however you'll get that by practice.
i 've been messing around with pinch harmonics for about 2 months now and i'm quite comfortable with them now but i dont get the to sound good everytime.

i hope you've found my reply helpful, best regards serjem
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1. You need to get faster/cleaner in your transitions. Just comes with consistent practice.
2. Keep the side of your palm on the bridge just past where the strings first make contact with the metal. Pick with your hand there. As with getting cleaner, it just takes practice and time.
3. You make them come to life by feeling every note you play as if it's coming from your soul and leaving your fingers as they touch the strings. It also comes from knowing which notes to put where. Again, honesty and practice.

Gotta do the time, man.
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I know you probably want a more explained answer but for questions 2 and 3 practice practice practice is pretty much it, I have been playing for maybe 10 months but I have practiced tons and like most people pretty much unconsciously palm mute when I need to and with solos start with learning scales and just playing them at different speeds and triplets and such, eventually you will be able to play most of them ridiculously fast and then it is just a matter of picking out different parts of scales and stitching them together :P that is probably the easiest way.
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