If anyone has a shreddy guitar (not so much metal tho; here is a hint: i love steve vai) that they would let go for about $300 i'm interested! I wont have the money for a week or two, so if u need immediate sale, probably not me, but if you can stand the wait, show me what you have!


I have a Kramer Focus 1000. I know it did the job for me. Don't want 300$ though. More like 200-230$
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I have a Kramer Focus 1000. I know it did the job for me. Don't want 300$ though. More like 200-230$

show me some pics!
Or i could sell you a silver Ibanez S series clone that has a floyd rose but needs a "collet" in the trem..... $140 + shipping
pm me your email and ill get you pics
would you be interested in an ibanez sz520? its in perfect condition, 22 frets. it doesnt have that super shred look like a jackson or something but the fretboard is pure shredreifficness! the only reason i want to part with it is because i want to get a 7 string
Electro Metal???

maybe my Ibanez RG350MDX if i can find something else i like
I lol'd you've been warned
Hey everybody I'm also interested in a shred guitar
not just ibanez, interested in strats and even esp
and I can let go of my Ibanez S520 for 330 WITH CASE (unless u r trading me an rg)
make offers
Schecter Daimen FR Special
Guitar Rig 3
I have a blue Schecter 7 string I'd sell cheap, like $200 or so, lightly played with fresh strings, string through body. I'm in the states and can take paypal.
I have an Ibanez RG2 EX1 i'd part with for $200
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I've got a Js30 in my sig. has Emg 81/85 @18 volts. $300 shipped

Good deals: rok-en-rol, truespin, ICFootball62, IndianScout, tinypants, HartRacer86, Huntred_67, Perandor, and many others from HC
A 1993 Jackson Stealth HX Professional? Made in Japan. 3 humbuckers, fixed bridge, 1vol, 1tone, in decent condition, no chips, some nicks and 2-3 dents. This thing is a super shredder. Thinest neck ive ever held. Ive help 100s of guitars and this is the thinest I have ever held.
pm sent.
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