Stumbled in with my belt buckle undone and my jeans
already hanging around my ass.
Threw the empty 12 pack box on the floor, ashed on the carpet
and sat down at the dining room table to write,
Excited, sex deprived and on an adrenaline rush:

"The two of them floored the '70 Dodge Charger down the
long stretch of Tennessee road with the cops closely in tow behind them.
Nitro Nick pushed in the cigarette lighter going 95 mph, sunglasses
resting on his head.
Daphne Dupree leaned out the window blowing kisses to the officer.
Father McCulloch sat in the backeat, trembling in a cold sweat, hail mary's and
Our Father's steaming up the window.
They gunned it at the laid down wheel ramp of an empty freight truck
and sped over the lake.
They made it to the other side as the police cruisers braked and drove
off into the water.
"We did it, baby!" Nick said.
He grabbed his girl and laid one on her.
"Saints be praised!" yelled Father McCulloch.
"Whadda ya think of this high octane lifestyle, Father?"
Father McCulloch reached in his pockets and slid on a pair of shades.
"I say....May God have mercy on those drug cartel's souls. Because Father McCulloch sure isn't going to!"
They high-fived and sped off towards Texas.
'Ole Ringo had messed with the wrong outlaws!"

I pulled the sheet from the typewriter and stuck it on the fridge underneath
a Safe Auto Insurance refridgerator magnet.
I would mail this piece to father in a few days, I thought.
Maybe then he would get off of my ass.
I went to bed that night and dreamed of wet pussy dripping on
my face - My tongue licking off the moisture with a shit-eaten grin
plastered from birth defected ear to birth defected ear.
Poor advice.
.......dude.....get help...seriously
if this is ment to be a song in anyway at all u have clearly missed the mark
Who let the singer from Disturbed in here?

You're quite new to here, so I imagine everyone will be kind to you and you won't repeat this mistake again.
Poor advice.
Wow. The ending was just pure Randy, something that seems to have been missing for a while. This had a lot more grit and emotional pull than your previous one. I dug this from word one