I have an Ibanez SA160AMQM(Discontinued), and I find it an okay guitar for my needs. I wanna upgrade the pups though, they pretty meh. What pickups should I look at? I play thrash metal, funk, punk, blues. I'm pretty set on a Dimarzio X2N for the bridge, but I've no idea what singlecoils should I find. I'm looking for a very warm and fat sounding tone for the neck. I tried a Fender strat before and the warm tone of the neck pup really blew me away. I want something like that, but I'm sure that pup would cost a bomb. Anything else to recommend? For the middle pickup, something for RHCP would be great. Please help.

(BTW,I bet the pups and a new set of machineheads would cost more than the guitar did )
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