Hey guys
I went to a music store today tried out a C1 hellraiser string through.
It's basically awesome, it retails for $1600-AUD. They offered me 1100?
Do you guys think i should get it + what are you opinions of this guitar?

Thanks guys. ily.
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They're a brilliant guitar, especially for the price.

If you don't mind me asking, whereabouts in AU are you from?
My C-1 classic was about $1100 off ebay, including shipping though.

I think the Hellraisers are usually a similar price, so if you have one you can play and try out first, sounds like a good deal to me.

Schecters are great btw.
Its a great metal guitar, I highly recommend it. Some people dislike the neck though, since its fatter than say an ibanez. Not as fat as a LP though.
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i played it and thought the neck was fantastic. Although its a little thicker, its still pretty comfortable and fast.

thanks for the feed back guys.