Im starting up a band and have been writing and we are looking to record. What are some good mastering and mixing software for a metal/hardcore band?

Pro Tools
Epiphone Elitist SG (Serious)
Tokai Silver Star
Epiphone Dot
Epiphone Les Paul
Washburn J28SCEDL
Washburn J12S

G.A.S List

JCM600 (Yes a 600..)
Mixing you can do in any decent DAW software. Get some good EQ and compression plugins and you're set. For mastering there are a number of excellent plugins out there.

The best limiter I've found so far is the L2007 by Massey. There's a free version on his site that only has two limitations, it resets whenever you close a session file and you can't save anything. The limiting is flawless though, one before your mastering EQ and one after and you have instant in-your-face production.

For EQ I like T-Racks for the lows and mids and the API series from Waves for the highs.