I need some opinions/suggestions on a bass. I went into my local music store today to look at some basses and found one i liked. A 4 string Cort Action Bass. I really liked how it feels and plays (I have heard otherwise from people but this particular one seemed to be set up nicely) So my question is does anyone have any experience with this bass or could recommend another similar to it. I don't want to spend more than $350 or $400. The Cort was $200 by the way. Thanks for any help in advance.
Well, if you like the way it plays then that is half the battle. The only other issue you need to worry about is reliability. I looked around online, and a common problem seems to be that the tuners come loose after a while and just need to be tightened on to the head. Other than that, she seems like a solid enough instrument. I say that if you like it go for it!
i've played a fair few cort actions in my days (my local shop used be a cort dealer and for some stupid reason refused to acknowledge the existance of other brands of bass)

anyway as jimmy_neutron said the only real issue is the tuners come slightly loose, they seem to be reliable enough otherwise
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Well, you like it a lot, and it's in your price range, and the worst consistent problem is that the tuners can come loose, which is easily remedied by a wrench or a pair of pliers.

Sounds like a keeper to me!
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I have one, it plays well, keeps on going and sounds pretty good through the neck pickup. I have had no problem with tuners. Theres nothing better at the price, just different if you like it then go for it.
If you like the feel, the tone, and it's in your price range, what are you arsing around on here for?!

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Ok guys I played it again and decided to go for it So i will probably pick it up tomorrow. Thanks for all the input by the way.
Hmm good choice i suppose. Im, always on and off with corts, now and again i like them now and again i dont.
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