Hey, my band are recording a demo of one of our songs tonight, wahey, except for a tiny problem: I, the guitarist/singer, have a really sore throat.

Now, I could just about sing through my sore throat yesterday, but today it's a lot worse. So does anyone have any suggestions as to soothe or cure a sore throat, or at least get it in a fit state for singing?

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Aw **** that's bad luck... is there no way to rearrange the recording? If not you're looking at Lockets all the way. Good luck dude!
Why were you pushing through it when you knew you had a recording session tonight? The only thing I can think of is shut up and throat sweets - maybe pain killers before you start.

By 'shut up' I mean do not speak unless you have to - save your voice and let it rest.
[O.¬] - WTF?
Talk a bit. Not much but you need to talk atleast a little bit. Dont sing until you need to. Drink lots of water. Dont drink coffee or tea.

what I've found is really good for a sore throat is pour some honney in some water and then microwave it for a couple of seconds. It works really works wonders and saved me at my last gig when I had a sore throat.