i hav i dilemma, ive narrowed my next guitar down to these 4 but don't know what to go for, i play a mix of punk, rock nd metal

schecter c-1 (white), schecter s-1, schecter shedevil or jackson dinky dk2 crimson swirl
they are all fine guitars. It's all down to personal taste. Go test.
I would pick the Jackson because i think they have the perfect necks and they are built very well.
I dont like Schecters very much, but out of these 3, the C1 is the best one imo.
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thanks, im goin tomorow to try out the c-1 and the jackson so hopefully ill get one of em tomorow
Well... That depends what tone you're looking for. Are you looking for a fat dark mahogany tone or a more balanced brighter alder tone? Mahogany: Schecter. Alder: Jackson.
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