New to the forum,but not the site...........
Here`s the Rub I`m a John Sykes fan......steady,steady......that dates me already I know ,b
ut nontheless finding Tabs, and technical information on his style and practices is not that easy! (unless 50 quid on ebay is easy.) Is anyone on the forum mildly interested in `talking`....exchanging views and practical advice ;or where I can research a bit further than......`Can you do pinched harmonics......`?er.. then forget it.

I play at intermediate level, and have some technical knowledge...on a good day.

Thanks. sense of humour needed.

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Well, if you're a John Sykes fan you could always take a look at his website:


If that still isn't enough, you could take a look at the work of his idols, namely Gary Moore (he's been influenced by Gary to the point of near-rip-off!). At any rate, the only technical info that comes to mind is to practice the pentatonic scale, and box licks in particular, such as:


Or else, just sit down, listen to, and learn his solo from Still Of The Night, by Whitesnake. It's somewhat of a trademark of his...

Edit: Oh, and welcome to the forums! I hope you learn something while you're here!
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Thanks for the response......Yes ! I have seen most that is on the web!
And can do the odd divebomb on the bottom E.......until my fingers have looked tattered....
But thanks for the pentatontic...that`s moore..... (forgive the pun )what i`m after, to practice in the right area.
Well thanks for the welcome...........

if you can recommend anyone who is a Sykes, influenced guitarist...or rock/blues men of that ilk I`d be happy(when I can) to type to them...........
No problem. One of my best friends is a Sykes nut among other things, so I've learned quite a bit from him.

One of Sykes's best disciples would be Doug Aldrich (who plays in Whitesnake now, surprise surprise!). Of course, he has an absolutely weird technique that you'll see if you type in his name on youtube.
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Nigel will always be 1 louder than you!
Your irony is not lost on me regarding Doug Aldrich...........Nor the whole whitesnake story..i`m sure you have your thoughts as do I.......
speaking of DA....I love the intro to A fool in love.......That earthy blues intro.. it`s a basic , but has anyone an idea of the Tab....?
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For tabs, you'd be better off asking in Tab Talk (https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=10) and for technique and theory, try Musician Talk (https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=8).

It would also be helpful to ask in threads of the bands he was in.

Welcome to the boards.


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