Is anyone else from the UK entered in this? We played the first round on the 17th and we got through, was a great night but we did make a couple of mistakes which marked us down a bit. Plus, our new drummer needs a couple more practices to know everything 100% (he's very good though)

Anyways, just went on the website: http://www.surfaceunsigned.co.uk/homepage.html and checked the leaderboards, and we're third on the whole competition atm! Take a look: http://www.surfaceunsigned.co.uk/Top10ChartsNational.html

We got the highest audience vote by far so far which helped us massively as the playing mistakes marked us down a bit. I know theres a lot of other first rounds to be played still but it's still really cool to see that we're third

So yeah, anyone else playing in this?


Check us out, we'd really appreciate any feedback or support.

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