Poll: Would you kill a hobo for 1 Million Dollars?
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View poll results: Would you kill a hobo for 1 Million Dollars?
28 34%
54 66%
Voters: 82.
Kill a hobo for 1 million dollars?

Thread inspired by a myspace quiz question

I would

Edit: I could only bring myself to do it with a gun, after intoxicating myself

Edit Edit: I meant to write bum not hobo, hobos are awesome. So keep that in mind when answering

Edit Edit Edit: I change my answer after more thought and guilt from reading other peoples answers I'm sorry bums I'll never speak ill of you again
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No, but I'd flick their earlobe for a can of beer.
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Killing hobos... nah man they alright. Plus, we need people like them to make our society better.
Depends, do I get away with the killing?
Are there witnesses to kill too?

I'd totally do it for a Mill'
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Needless to say, I lol'ed.

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but seriously, whos gunna miss a hobo?

EDIT: Apart from that guy
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for that you get the tower of lulz, with which you can reach the lulgods
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I couldn't live with myself knowing I had taken an innocent mans life in exchange for happiness. I'd feel too guilty to live.
You wouldnt be able to spend that money in prison.
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You wouldnt be able to spend that money in prison.


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I wouldnt. Hobos can be quite cool people

Taken from YCYL. Go on. Kill him. Hell, would you kill his dog for another million? eh? EH?

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i'd blow up a homeless shelter for 1000000 and if i got a mil for each hobo that was inside that woulde be even better
I first read this as "would you kill a homo for a million dollars?" I was about to report you to Glaad. lol
I wouldn't kill anyone for a million dollars, let alone a hobo.
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I would be so overcome by guilt that I might kill myself.

Or devote the rest of my life to the dirtiest volunteer work no one would do.

So no.
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haha wow prime example of being a conformist im so usuing you in my psychology exam!

I just benefited another human being.

I think i'll reward myself with another cut into my wrists.
No. What the hell would I do with all that money, even if I COULD kill this innocent hobo? If the hobo was an evil hobo who has murdered over 100 people then I'd be doing society a favour.
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I'd kill a hobo for air miles...

'spare change??' fcuk off, I want to buy luxury items with it!!!

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I said yes, but then remembered that I like homeless people.
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