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Couldn't live without it
34 58%
Want it to die
4 7%
Couldn't care less
21 36%
Voters: 59.
I personally hate it. The only thing I like about it is those cool effects with delay where the sound swooshes from one channel to the other. Even that annoys me.

Why? I hear you ask. I shall tell you.

1) I often wear my earphones with only one ear in so I can have some awareness of the world around me.
2) I plug my MP3 player into my amp via a little adapter that only lets the right channel get through.

So, when I'm in the above modes, I lose out on half of a lot of songs. For example, Guns N Roses pan Slash into one ear, and Izzy into the other. Jimi Hendrix frequently uses the swooshy effect, and sometimes actually pans voice left and guitar right or whatever. There are many other examples, but they're all a pain in the ass.

So, stereo - yay or nay?

NB: This is not a life quest of mine. I am not this fervently against stereo sound, but it does annoy me.
I love stereo sound. Makes music sound more dynamic than it already is.
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I voted "Couldn't Care Less". Yeah, I hate it when things are panned when using headphones like you said (take "Crosstown Traffic" by Hendrix as a great example), but when I'm at home or something using speakers or a system or whatever, I think Stereo sound is great.
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You can hear more things in the music, because it isn't all smooshed into one big thing. Especially in headphones.
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youve got to remember very little music is mixed with earphones in mind so it will always sound off when listening to music through them especially when you're only listening through one of them

- although mono recording can be very effective at times
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I love it, tho it has ruined my music ever sinced I found out that you can double a track left and right, now all my music sounds funny...not the stuff you hear on UG, the stuff on my other computer, which doesn't have internet.
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My sony ericsson thing that connects the headphones to the phone is so ****ed up. With some songs you can only hear the music and no vocals.
I wish ipods had a mono sound output option. It would solve problems when sharing headphones or when playing it through an amp.
Well my Aiwa stereo has a button that says VF and it lowers the singers voice and adds a echo likes it going through a tunnel and a lot of songs sound way better through that and some don't. I don't know how many stereos have that option.