Hi everyone !

We decided to release our album called White Garage Days for free.
However White Garage Days isn't what you would call a regular album. It's a
compilation album with some of the demos we recorded since the creation
of the band, back in 2007. Don't expect studio quality recordings, this is
simply a rock band playing their songs in their garage, and that what this
album is all about.


1 Intro - 1:31
2 Soldier's Fall - 5:10
3 Sorry For The Leak - 2:24
4 This World - 4:44
5 Nich - 4:14
6 Where'd You Go (Fort Minor cover) - 2:19
7 It's Time To Go Now - 3:04
8 Silence - 4:41
9 Failed Transmission -1:52
10 Scattered Minds - 0:48

All songs except “Where'd You Go” are Copyright 2009 by Thunderplague

Download link

You can listen to some of our songs from this album at our ug profile:
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Doesn't metallica have an EP called Garage days? With the same kind of thing?
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thought metallica had Garage Inc. or I'm confusing things (not that big a met fan, so forgive me lulz)
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Doesn't metallica have an EP called Garage days? With the same kind of thing?

Well yes, but it's a totally diferent thing, their EP was only made entirely of covers and if I'm not wrong it was recorded in a studio. Also the purpose of the name is totally diferent, while they called their ep that way because for them their garage days were when they used to cover songs, we called it that way because the entire album was recorded in our old garage where we used to practice.
Awesome, downloading, I'll let you know my opinion after a listened to it a few times.
thanks mate !

Just to let everyone know I'm reuploading the album to fix a small detail (i forgot to put the track number before the name in the file names) but nothing important.

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I forgot to extract the album

Ok I just listened to it a few times, what I have to say is that it's pretty damn good for a demo cd, and you can really feel like it was all recorded in a rehearsal which I think was the whole aim of the production. I like the song this world quite a lot, the bass is a tad too high imo but other than that awesome work can't wait to see some of those songs recorded in a studio.

Great work overall
thanks mate !
Indeed it was, the whole record is all about a rock band playing in their garage, so I'm glad you liked it.
ok I reuploaded the album once again since the playlist file was broken and "this world" had a few problems which are now fixed.
no problem

btw I'd love to hear some more feedback, so please don't be shy people !