Hey !! ,

Right , I'm looking to buy a new amp . My budget is roughly €500 (which is about $650) But , if I find Something i like i'm willing to save up for it.

Like many I fell into the trap of buying the MG , some anything is really a step up , Im using a Gibson sg , and epiphone les Paul at the moment .

I play a lot of music from : pop/punk ( blink-182 - amber pacific) , punk ( ramones, anti-flag , black flag , Bad religion ) classic rock (AC/DC - Nirvana ) to Modern day stuff (like Foo Fighters , Billy Talent , Rise against etc ) So , im sort of lookin for an amp that can do all; of these .

I`ve been playing guitar for about 7 years , so this is really my first proper amp coz im not countin the marshall , i am in a band and do gig a bit , so i need an amp that can be heard over a drummer Im willing to go used , but theres not a great amount of shops that sell used near me .

Any Suggestions , are greatly appreciated !!! Sorry , for the long post but i thought the more info you had the better the suggestions would be !!

Thanks in Advance
Can you raise a liiitle bit more?


It MAY struggle with the slightly more modern stuff though, an OD pedal would sort that out but that does mean more money... A Digitech Bad Monkey is around 40 Euros.

edit: Oh snap, I didn't even ask - are you willing to go used? That opens up a new realm of possibilities
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^^ not the best choice dudes
Go with a Used Marshall JCM 800,900 combo.......look for them on the European Ebay.....
OR go with a used Peacey Classic 30 + TS9 or a Modded TS9....
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Right thanks for the suggestions so far !!!
Ehh.. i'll add those to the list to try out . I realised today that i can raise my budget to around $800 so ddoes that add anymore amps to the list ??

Again Thanks so Far ! , and thanks in case of future suggestions
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edit: Oh snap, I didn't even ask - are you willing to go used? That opens up a new realm of possibilities

YEa , like I said in the original post , I have no problem going used , its just that theres not a lot of shops that sell used , near me . SO , it would have to be ebay really !!
Oh yes!

or This
To name but a few that you can get in Ireland at a sensible price.
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+1 to the Laney VC30 and the Engl Thunder. You can get the former new, it's within your budget, if you want the latter you'd have to buy used. The Laney might possibly not have enough gain for you, so a booster pedal might be needed. You'd have to try it to make sure whether it works for you. Seeing that you're from Ireland you should find one easily, they're pretty common in GB.
The Thunder should cover all the sounds you mentioned easily, even without an OD. It's all around better than the Laney, try it out if you can.

It'd also be worth checking out the Marshall DSL401. I prefer the Thunder, but that's just me. The Marshall will cover all your styles.

Last one: A Hughes & Kettner Statesman Quad EL84 is worth a try, though I am not sure whether it's sound will be agressive enough for your needs (much like the Laney, an OD might be necessary for you). It's also too expensive new and hasn't been around long enough so it's tough to find a used one. I've seen good deals on floor models occasionally, maybe you can score one somewhere for a good price. I recently had a chance to try it and I liked it a lot for all sorts of rock, as well as bluesy stuff. Cleans were great, too.
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I went to the local guitar shop today , they have a lot of brands , but i couldnt find the "ENGl" , the "laney" or "the hughes & Kettner . However , I have found demos online , and listened to to them , I quite liked them all , but its hard to get a feel for them without playing one yourself , as Im sure you all know .
Anyhow , I was wondering has anybody had any experiences with these amps ?? Or again are there any more suggestions .
All help is greatly asppreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laney GH50L

Or GC50 if you want a combo.

Or a used AOR 50
TS - Send a PM to Dave_MC. He lives in Northern Ireland and can probably steer you towards a good shop. Also post in the "which amp" thread. You are getting good advice here - nothing against the posters in this thread. I'm just thinking that Dave is local to you and can maybe open you up to some good places to find used stuff near you. Maybe not, but worth a shot.
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i'm from ireland and the best places are probably instrumental in dublin and dawsons in bangor
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i'm from ireland and the best places are probably instrumental in dublin and dawsons in bangor

Sorry man , I'm afraid i'll have to disagree with ya there Instrumenatl are quite high priced , and they have hardly any stock seeing that they dont get great business they've had to cut their shop in half , so its quite small now !!!

However , I'm not up thre north often , so i wouldnt be that up tyo date on any shops up there .

But thanks for the suggestion i'll have a look for dawsins on the web !!