So I snapped the e string on my Ibanez. It is an S2170, and has a ZR tremelo bridge.

I've had the guitar since Septmber and this is maybe the 4th time I've come to restringing it.
However, I got the allen key out, released the locking nut and unwound the string at the machinehead. I then used the allen key to release the string at the bridge. However, I unscrewed it all the way out and the little 2mm is still securely trapped in there. I've tried unscrewing it all the way, and anything fails to happen. The strign won't budge.
So I took off the B string to see if it was just with that one string, but I've got the same problem!

Any help would greatly be appreciated. I've included a pictrue from Google, and put a red ring around where the problem is at.
the same thing happened to mine...i think. i use a higher gauge strings for everything, low to high, and when i screwed them in for the first time i screwed them too hard and they were tough to get out.

it took a lot of work, but simply pull really hard if that sounds like your problem.
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I was thinking that, but theres nothing to grab onto to pull..

But yeh I think I did screw it on too tightly last time.