I was wondering if I could use a blend pot in a guitar which has 2 pups and 2 volume knobs, a tone and a 3 way switch, so that there is a master volume and a blend pot and a tone (and the switch).

So the schematics seems pretty simple, but I have a question:

When the blend pot is in the middle position, which I assume is when 2 pups have equal volume, and the master volume at 100%, will the guitar be as loud as it is with the previous configuration, having the 2 volume knobs full? Or will it be half as loud?

Thanks in advance

Edit: When I say blend pot, I mean those stacked pots used as blend pots. I've just found that there is another type of blend pots
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Depends on the schematic, but if is using something like a dual gang pot, there should NOT be signal loss. If it is using a standard pot that would be used for volume, then yes-you'll have signal loss. Depending on the taper of the pot and the resistance value of the pot, it may not be 1/2, but most likely it would be noticeable.
all blend pots are not created equal.

Fender has ganged blend pots that have no resistance from the wiper to one end when adjusted anywhere from center to the end where that is the dominant pickup.

Others use a pair of linear pots ganged together. They get a little louder at the ends than in the middle.

StewMac says their pots have both pickups full-on in the middle, but I haven't used one or measured the resistance in the middle. Can't tell you exactly what they've done.
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