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As the title says, what was the first album you ever owned? Not the first you heard, the first that was actually yours.

Sorry if this has been done. I searched, but found nothing
the first album I bought was Metallica the black album......

a sad debut....
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first album i bought was

Guns n Roses greatest hits

afta that

i got sucked into the world of torrents *sigh*
first one i was given was morning glory - oasis
first one i bought was Never Mind the bollocks - sex pistols
Motorhead - Ace of Spades

That sure was a good first album.

Motorhead was my first favorite band, and I am proud of that.
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That I bought with my own money?

Death's Symbolic
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A two-cassette Michael Jackson greatest hits thing, when I was little.
Ride the Lightning-Metallica
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By The Way by the Chili Peppers. Lovely album. I put it on every now and then and realise just how good it still sounds to me. Classic record I think.
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The first CD I bought was The Long Road by Nickelback. Up until that point I was just listening to my dad's albums like Springsteen, ACDC, Skynyrd, Pearl Jam, Candlebox, etc.
The first cd i bought when I was 12 was Young and Hopeless by Good Charlotte.
Then i lost it and I bought Back in Black by AC/DC.
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what ever the first backstreet boys one was.
i was 5 dammit!
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AC/DC - High Voltage


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Surfing with the alien was the first I bought. The first album I actually was totally into was adore- smashing pumpkins
Waaay back in the day....
I bought Def Leppard's High 'N Dry when it first came out (on vinyl!)
I was probably 10 or 11 at the time.
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I was given a Bon Jovi slippery when wet tape as my first tape
Shortly there after my first cd was Black Sabbath we sold our souls

I listened to the black sabbath cd much much more than the bon jovi one
Stadium Arcadium by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Was just when it came out, methinks. The first album I owned though, I think it was some kids collection from the 90's that was given to me by a shady uncle.

S t a i r s s r i a t S

...Lord of the Rings: Two Towers soundtrack...
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I think it was P.O.D. The Fundamental Elements of Southtown released in 1999.
Limb Bizcuit on vinyl

Lamb of God on Cassette
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Outside by David Bowie, that was my first album, and the one to make me realize how much of a genius Bowie is.
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I don't buy cd's too often, so the first one I got was Black Light Burns' first album. Which came out in like..2006 or something. I didn't even like any music at all until 6th grade
The first album i ever owned was a N'SYNCs first album...and it was a tape haha. I was 7.

The first CD I bought for myself was Untouchables by KoRn 5 years later.
it was either
Enema of the State (Edited) - blink-182
"Big Willie Style" - Will Smith
can't remember
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