I am fixing up a yamaha pacifica (don't tell me not to it shouldn't cost very much money at all and its a funnish project.

I have been looking for a bridge pickup to replace the humbucker because i will be using this guitar for my slightly downtuned stuff as opposed to my SSS strat.

The guitar is obviosuly strat styled so i'd guess it'd be quite bright (never played iot properly) And i'm looking at getting it drop tuned so it can be my guitar for Drop D, Eb Standard, Drop C#, D standard, Drop C. things like that.

I will be playing bands like Alice In Chains and making up my own original songs on it. So the pickup needs to go from like cleanish bluesy style (not so much) to classic/heavy rock then into metal i guess. I'd like the pickup to focus more on the heavier side.

I'm looking at buying Irongear pickups if i don't win a GFS pickup from ebay today :p. So I was looking at irongear because budget is a definite consideration i have been looking at the hot slag http://www.axetec.co.uk/axetec%20guitar%20parts%20spares%20pickups_032.htm


or trhe steam hammer


and am stuck for which one to pick, i am looking at coil splitting it so this is a consideration but not htre most important.

looking for some personal opinions basically....thankyou

EDIT: i'm going to be playing into a laney vc30 with an assortment of effects that i havent chosen or really thought about yet, i will base these from how the laney sounds with my guitars
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I know this isn't what you asked but I do know a lot of people on the forums who have been upgrading less costly guitars and a lot get suggested things from Guitar Fetish (http://store.guitarfetish.com/). They are supposed to be really good for the pickups in your price range. Just thought I'd throw that out there as far as your choices go.
axetec pickups are good. i had a pair of rolling mills in my epi LP for a while. sounded good.
Thank you please.