Ok, So I'm a noob and I want to now how to post pictures in threads. I've tried copying it but it won't let me paste.
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use photobucket

or any other pictures on the Internet and to post them you do this:
1)copy image URL
2)in the text box write (Invalid img)
3) done

you can also do this by clicking the advanced reply button
Always upload your images to an account/hosting of your own to post them.
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yeah use a photo uploading site. i've always found tinypic.com to work the best.

if you ever have anymore questions about the site- make sure ou check out this thread before making another thread. chances are it will answer your question
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*picture of a LP*
Yah it worked
Hey congrats, man. You got it to work!
There is a section on how to post pictures AND a ton of other stuff you'll want to know, here:
Important: New Members FAQ

Be sure to read that. It will help you with your questions in the future.
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