Hi I'm Paul. I'm new here at UG, I like the community a lot from reading the posts here for a while and lurking the forums and I'd like to get to know some people here.

I live in West Burlington NY (If you never heard of it, it's fine) I'm looking preferably for members that are willing to play Death Metal/Classic Metal/Rock/Hard rock in a progressive perspective.

My influences are: Pink Floyd, Opeth, Disillusional, Cynic, Dream Theater, Korn, 311, Porcupine Tree, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, King Crimson, and I can't really think of anything else off the top of my head.

I'm not interested in drummers who can't do anything but blast beats. Sure, I love blast beats and they sound great when you're doing some brutal death metal riff, but I want the drummer to be able to play lightly and keep soft percussions.

As for bassists, vocalists, and other guitarists, I love song writing but I'm not yet skilled enough to sing or death growl well and play guitar at the same time, but I will practice a lot to become better. I love song writing and singer/song writer music like Bob Dylan and other bands, even Death Cab for Cutie.

If you're interested in the music I like and you play an instrument and you live semi-locally, send me an email at