whenever I am looking for responses to posts that I have made, I go into my profile, click on "All Posts By flea's trumpet" and then go through the list of latest posts. I do this rather than trying to remember every thread that I have posted in the day before.

For some reason that "All threads by" and "All posts by" link thing has disappeared from my profile page.

Why has it disappeared, and how do I get it back?
i've never noticed the whole link completely disappearing, so i've got no clue whats going on.
but you would probably get a better answer by taking it to this forum.
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It's there now.

I think it's got something to do with the dodgy post count issue.

those links don't appear if a user has zero posts. so the fact that the post count is resetting every day means you won't have those links on your profile until you make a post that day.

you can still see all your posts by going on the my.ultimate-guitar.com page and clicking the number of posts you have.

also you can use the search page to find your posts
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