Ok so i've been devoting my life to guitar quite a bit recently, and I'm wondering if its taking me somewhere or if I'm not making much progress. I've been playing for just about a year (it will be a year in about a month and a half) and I'm not too sure exactly where I stand.

I decided to record a take of Little Wing which is a song I just learned yesterday so it's still very rough and I have much to work on and I improvise most of the intro because I can't play it the 100% proper way. So, yea, it's rough, but I choose to record it to show where my playing is currently, this very day. I could have show you a song that I could play perfectly on but I think that wouldn't be much benifit, since I already know I can play it and wouldn't get my critique.

So if you could, download my recording of Little Wing here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BIW6XCRU
and tell me where I stand for a years worth of playing and what I should work on. Much appreciated.

P.S: Sorry that its a bit out of time, but the recording software does that.
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you gota put more soul in it and I do hope that it was the recording software that did that to your tempo...otherwise get a metronome...and relax dude. sounds like your strangling the guitar at some parts. Hell I've only been playing for 2 months( the guitar, 4 before was bass) so what can i know...but i liked the solo, just try to be less sloppy^^
Just a tip: Never make excuses about your sound. If you introduce your piece apologetically, people will expect it to be ****ty and will critique it as so. That being said, you have some work to do on your timing and such, but who doesn't? You should definitely try playing to a metronome. I know everyone says that, but still people never seem to actually do it. Keep practicing, it will always be worth it.

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Timing. Your rhythm work is way off, but surprisingly enough, your soloing is not far off the ball, timing wise. Little Wing is a damn hard song to play and only a bit easier to jam over, so I think you're out of your league in that area. That's not to say you shouldn't keep practising it, but try slowing it down and buying a drum machine - or just jam over the track more. Some of the best guitarists on the planet just jammed along with their favourite tunes for hours on end until they built up speed, accuracy, tone and expression. Expression and tone being the most important and thankfully, the easiest to accomplish.