I play a lot of acoustic guitar, and change the strings on my Yamaha FG750S every two or three months or so. But my high E string always starts ****ing up much earlier: it simply doesn't go as high as it's supposed to when you hit a fret. the note doesn't rise as much as it's supposed to for every fret. It just gets worse and worse, nearly day by day, until the twelth fret isn't an E, it's an E flat. It happens every time, the same way, the same string, until i eventually change the strings. Can anyone tell me why this always happens, and can i fix it??


PS: if i do a harmonic on the twelth fret, it sounds just fine, its only when i push down on the fret board, and just so as to make it clear, the string sounds fine played open
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Sounds like the intonation... and if I remember correctly, fixing the intonation on an acoustic is damn hard...
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