I liked it. Maybe a bit too dissonant in the start but the solo and the interlude really brought it to life.
really bad. do u listen to deathcore often? do you know what deathcore is? the beggining is painfully slow and it gets worse from there. throwing in some chugs and dissonants doesnt make it deathcore by default.
It sounds like you listen to All Shall Perish to much. Next time i'd try to make something more origional =P
ok so crit while listening:

ok i am a firm believer that slow metal can be brutal. so the intro was i thought pretty fantastic. but then when you continued it in the first verse... that was kinda overkill. i think you dragged the slow on.

i must say, i think the first half of this good. but i don't even think it's deathcore. sounds like metalcore. really, i wouldn't consider this deathcore at all. too melodic.

the breakdown was odd. seemed like you decided to put in a breakdown but didn't know what to write.

the solo seemed out of place and musically uninspired. it was really just notes i think. i think you should work on making the solo more musical.

the main riff then comes back, and all is restored to its original potentional.

i would say 6.5-7/10

it's good writing, but it falls into the generic category. which is a dangerous category. when people decide your song immediately sounds like another band or fits into a specific style of playing, it's easy for people to get bored and stop listening.

and as for writing this in four hours, haha **** you :P it took me like six months to write my first song.

wait what
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