Right I'm currently saving for the gear that i really want and the time of purchase is closing in, i know what amp and cabinet I'm buying this being the ENGL Savage 120 and the ENGL Pro 4*12 with V30s. I also know i want a rocktron Xpression to handle all the effects i need but now here comes the headache .......

I want to be able to change presets on the rocktron and also change amp channels simultaneously with one press of a button. Ive been looking at the rocktron midi mate to do this but i have no idea whether it is capable and how i would wire it? Also the ENGL Savage 120 has a "Engl Midi Interface Port" do they mean just a generic 5/7 Pin Midi or some specific ENGL input? and How would i get around this for channel switching with the midi mate?

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