How do people attach their pedals to there pedalboard???
I'm guessing they don't glue them down. Do they use velcro???
Please reply!!!
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yes you use velcro.......
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Imagine the mess with glue... velcro ftw. Some guys bolt 'em down. Probably a pain when a pedal goes bad.
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Ive just got some stuff from johnnyshredfreak and its worked perfectly, no mess on the pedals and they stay exactly where i put them. I wouldnt advise them though if you intend to change your board around often
there are a bunch of different ways that ive seen it done. the most common is just velcro. good for people who move things around a lot and still want it to look neat. the other things ive seen are zip-ties that run under the board (requires two small holes in board). ive also seen little things that go between the corner screws and the pedal, then have another part that you can screw down. basicly the things linked to above. velcro is good, but i think the other two can look cleaner if done well, and you dont have to do anything to the pedal.