Hey what do you think is the best Boss overdrive with a strat???
In you opinion???
Please reply!!!
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What amp, and what tone you using/looking for?
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why Boss???
and are you using it on your Kustom ????
what strat??
what genres do you play??

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Erm, you might want to look at the Ibanez Tubescreamer or the Digitech Bad Monkey instead, a lot of people really dig those. If you do want to go with Boss, the Blues Driver sounds good for (have a guess) blues, the SD-2 gives quite a bit of kick and the OS-2 is pretty versatile as you can have it as a distortion/overdrive/mix of the two pedal.
You can also look into a BBE Greenscreamer, Ibanez TS9/808/dx, Digitech Bad Monkey/Blues Driver, etc. There's a plethora of options, and suggestions, but, let YOUR ears tell you the final answer. Personally, I have a TS9dx, and I like it.

Boss OD3 is their best IMO. What do you want out of your OD pedal? Lots of grit? Just a nice clean boost? A little tube saturation? These are things to consider. Again, your ears is the final judge.
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with your setup


I have the same guitar in shoreline gold, and that's the only OD I use.
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no one can give a proper answer with the limited info you gave.

and the type of guitar has little to do with it, we need to know what kinda sound you're going for and what kind of amp you're playing through.
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I stay away from Boss pedals, I don't like them much to be honest. Have fun wasting your money though.
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I stay away from Boss pedals, I don't like them much to be honest. Have fun wasting your money though.

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i have the od3, havent used any others but this ones really good imo, i get a nice warm thick tone from it with my lp and it has good bass.
Something not-Boss. Take a look at the higher-end Danelectros, Ibanez, and, if you can afford it, Fulltone OD's.

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