you guys wanted to see me play that fatal tragedy solo (of which i have a few seconds recorded only) heres the link


i know, i know, ITS TOO SHORT AND I HAVENT COVERED THE FULL SONG. PLEASE BE PATIENT. I KNOW ITS BORING TO WATCH BUT THIS PART WAS THE HARDEST PART OF THE SONG... SO.. WELL GLAD THATS OVER WITH (except for the fact that my fever has taken away some strenght =( and i need to regain it now)

now the rest of the solo is left, which is ultimately easy. not as hard as the first part...
im 14 btw.
Quote by Horlicks
I like how the video is available and everything.

Yeah, pretty awesome.
You should probably fix it.

Oh, and please, I don't give a damn about how old you are.
I hate people who have things like that in their video titles.
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lol sorry... its because i JUST uploaded it and its processing, gay youtube.

wait a few more mins or secs. it will be there any second now...
Who cares how old you are, it really doesn't matter. Nice playing, but your tone needs some work
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Stop emphasizing your age, it just makes you sound like you're trying to prove something, and let's face it: it's the internet, nobody cares.

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Anyone notice it looks completely obviously sped up?
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Quote by adamrandall
Anyone notice it looks completely obviously sped up?

Yeah man, that's unnaturally fast. It is definitely sped up.

Nice try, TS.
It does kind of look sped up.. But that might just be the quality of your camera.

It's not that bad really ;]
And nobody cares if you're 10, 14, 19, whatever.. It's basically telling the people that you're free to be perved on by anyone who likes the smaller kiddies.
^ True, it might be bad quality...

Even still, I guess it's not that bad... your tone is bad though, lol.
Not brilliant; you're pretty fast but it could stand to be a good bit cleaner and everything else needs some serious polishing.

Bends, tone, vibrato...finishing the song...you know, the real basics of sounding like a good guitarist instead of just a kid who can wank.

Edit: Muting also needs real work, you're not muting the strings you're not playing so you get lots of sympathetic frequencies and open strings ringing where your picking is inaccurate.
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...no, it's definitely sped up. I'm sorry but someone who speeds up videos to impress people on an internet forum - a bit of a loser.
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Yeah I think its for sure sped up thats like unnatural to play that fast unless your paul gilbert or something. Even if it isnt you need to clean up your playing like others have said it was sloppy at best.
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