I've always had a talent for drawing and painting, and I'm seriously thinking of buying some basic painting supplies. I'd like to paint a few pieces and put them up at the local art gallery/cafe.

Is there anyone on UG that does this? What's it like? How do you even know what to price a piece? Oh and what are good painting supplies to buy? Does it even matter?

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Painters never make money until they die. Unless you do things like album covers and such.
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I actually gave a painting away to someone

It was crap but she liked it
let's have a butchers at some of the art then
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well i wanna go to art school and be an artist, but i have never sold anything yet.
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let's have a butchers at some of the art then

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Can we see some of your art please?
You can't sell it if it sucks...
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you, tell me, what, it, is, like,.

That made me pause so many times
You could probably just take it up as a hobby.
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I don't plan on making it some major source of income or anything, though that would be nice. I have a good job and my music is what I really am all about. I just want to try my hand at the art market, if you will. I need to know how to go about it.

And I don't have anything right now, to upload or otherwise.
We're only strays.
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Through use of a cockney to Pit translator:
Pics or it didn't happen.

Through use of a Pit to normal person translator:
Can we see some of your art please?

EDIT: You can get your art up in Cafe's and stuff but I dunno if they'll buy it off you
Might be an idea just to give people some of your stuff for free and get some exposure THEN start selling it once you have a rep.
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i know several people who are artists and sell thier stuff, and unless you are making stuff that is really trendy at the moment or are amazingly good, you probably won't seel a lot. I suggest not trying to sell anything for over $200 unless it is very large or very popular with people you show it to.
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unless you are so talented that you can gain instant recognition there isnt much chance of getting paid ALOT of money to have your paintings however you can try to find smaller dealers and coffee places etc who hang paintings for you to sell and you name your price and they may or may not take some percentage, i sell a few at a milkshake place but only for about 20 or even 10 quid a peice.
album covers at the most; freelance work if youre good; your own art?- cafes;private buyers and then maybe some art galleries if you know the right people to give free paintings to......
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You can't sell it if it sucks...

Then explain Tracy Emin's success.

I've done some great pieces for my art GCSE so far, I've been told I could sell them, and I wouldn't wind doing so at some point, not necessarily these pieces though. I wouldn't like to make a living, but if I could sell a few paintings here and there, maybe do a couple of gr1m artwork pieces for bands I'd be pretty happy.
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