I have the frontman 15w Amp i got with Some, pakage thing with my guitar
(i think it was like the stop dreaming start playing pakage or something????)

But the distiortion is ok, but if i get an effects pedal,
How do they work, like What Do You plug the cords into and stuff,

And i want a multi effects pedal,[ distortion, reverb, stuff like that help me]
What r the best pedals and prices.
Geta used Boss ME-50. Its a great multi-effects pedal but i dont think they make them any more.
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Forget all about getting pedals or a multi FX board as they'd all be a waste of money. The Fender Frontman amp is fundamentally bloody awful so you'd be far better off spending your money on a much better amp like a Peavey Vypyr 30w.
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