I was wondering.... Can it be done; e.g. i have a ibanez s470 and it has 22 frets, would there be anyway to put a 24 fret neck on it;
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If it's bolt-on; yes. That, along with sustain and repairs, is the big advantage of a bolt-on, that you can get a neck you like more. On set0necks and neck-thru though, you have what you have stock.

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No, the scale length on yours is 25.5". It's the distance between the bridge and the nut (coincidentally, it's the distance from the nut to the center of the 12th fret wire doubled).
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you'd have to remove the neck pickups.


you could get a scale conversion neck but you'd end up having something like a 28.7" scale neck if you wanted the 24th fret where the 22nd fret was.
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^^ good pickup! Yes it will pooch your scale to install a longer neck in the same neck pocket. The 24 Fret neck (if the same scale) is actually longer than the 22 fret neck. This will move your nut out and increase your overall scale length by the difference! A neck from Warmoth may not fix it either as it all depends on where on the body Warmoth set their necks.
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