I purchased a les paul copy and the fretboard sits about a 1/4 inch above the body of the guitar. since its a bolt on, is it possible to shave down the part of the neck where the plate holes are drilled? and will the this affect the guitar in any way? (its even higher than in the picture)
Its a copy not a real gibson, a little music store in MS makes them, its just like the pic, that one is a bolt on too
it looks like the maker wants it to be that way, if you shave the neck away your action well be higher. up to you but i wouldnt mess with it

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it also hasnt been sanded, painted, or clearcoated yet. do you think this will make the gap closer at all?
If you look you'll see there's no angle built into the bolt on joint! This is typical of bolt on necks that have low rise bridges. The angle is required to set the proper string height so that a tune-o-matic style bridge can be properly mounted! Since there's no angle the hwight of the neck has been raised to compensate for the required clearance. I'd leave it alone.
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thanx KenG. an answer that makes perfect sense. now i wont be bothered by it b/c its supposed to be their.
how's it play?
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thats the whole problem. its not even put together yet. i just bolted the neck on to see how everything fit. i dont even have my emg's yet. i still have to stain and paint it.